Time to take a deep breath

In conversation with “Healthcare & Life”, Prof Klaus F. Rabe, MD — Medical Director of the LungenClinic in Großhansdorf.


Healthcare & Life: Which interventions do you carry out the most often?

Professor Rabe: In my daily work routine I perform a great many endoscopic examinations and everything concerning diseases of the respiratory tract. For example, I take many samples from the lungs. As a Pneumologist I do everything from Intensive Care and artificial respiration to diagnostics. The hospital does a great deal in the field of lung cancer. These are the most common interventions that are performed here. If a patient has a tumour and a piece of the lung has to be removed as a result, then such work will, of course, be performed by our Thoracic Surgeons.

How did you as a physician come to specialise in the area of Pneumology?

I am one of the not-so-rare lung doctors who are themselves affected by asthma. Ever since I was a child, I have had to grapple with my lungs. I have thus always been able to identify closely with lung diseases. My family has also always expected this of me, as I come from a family of doctors.
In addition, during my studies in Hamburg, I worked for a long time in the Intensive Care Unit of the Marie Hospital, where I finally landed up in the Tuberculosis and Thoracic Department. So I knew quite early on that I wanted to specialise in Pneumology.