Prof Dr Henry Halm
As head of department at the spinal surgery clinic with scoliosis centre at the Schön Klinik in Neustadt and head of the advice centre at Rödingsmarkt, Hamburg, Dr Halm has been collaborating with internationally active medical technology firms since 1993 to develop implants for form correction and stabilisation of spinal deformities.

What are the most common operations in your daily work as a surgeon?

Professor Halm:

I’ve been dealing almost exclusively with spinal orthopaedics and surgery for over 25 years now, so that I cover the whole range relating to disorders of the neck, chest and lumbar spine. Apart from microsurgical interventions on slipped discs or stenoses of the neck and lumbar spine this also particularly includes corrective and stabilisation operations on instabilities or deformities of the truncal spine. Patients with spinal deformities, e.g. scoliosis cases, often come from a long way away to be operated on by me, including more and more patients from Arab countries and Eastern Europe.