Prof Dr Christian Jürgens
Dr Jürgens is medical director of the BG Unfallkrankenhaus Hamburg (BUKH) (professional association emergency hospital) and director of the orthopaedics and trauma surgery clinic at the Universitätsklinikum Schleswig-Holstein (UKSH). The new professional association clinics are among the biggest trauma centres in Germany.

What do you treat at the BUKH?

Prof Jürgens:

We take care of all new injuries that are brought to us by the emergency services. As we have our own ambulance and rescue helicopter, our hospital is correspondingly equipped to care for injuries of all degrees of severity. Apart from the equipment and the technical expertise for surgical interventions, however, comprehensive care also includes the possibilities for integrated rehabilitation treatment which we provide for our patients from day one.
Besides the most serious injuries we also treat patients with injuries and their consequences following minor, household and sporting accidents.