Private lecturer Dr Petra Algenstaedt
A specialist in internal medicine, Dr Algenstaedt is head of the outpatient centre for endocrinology and diabetology at the university hospital, Eppendorf (UKE). She also runs the private practice Medicum Eppendorf, a centre for holistic medicine for children, young people and adults.

What is particularly important to you in professional terms?


Dr. Algenstaedt:

I’d like to see more public awareness – i.e. in patients, family doctors and also psychologists – about the correlations between hormones, diseases and the mind. Many unexplained ailments belong in the hands of an experienced endocrinologist and can be reduced or cured. A dysfunction can have an effect on the whole of the body. To me it’s especially important to draw attention to the relationship between our lifestyle and illnesses, because I deal daily with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases or overweight which can be a direct result of this.