Dr Regina Wagner
A specialist in general as well as aesthetic and plastic surgery, Dr Wagner carries out invasive and minimally invasive beauty treatments at her practice clinic in AlsterCity.


What is meant by CoolSculpting and vampire face-lifts?

Dr Wagner:

In order to rejuvenate the skin the superficial cell layer of the skin is opened up with tiny little needles. In the “Needling Soft” process various substances – essential amino acids, vitamin complexes and hyaluron – are implanted. In “vampire face-lifts” we use the patient’s own body plasma, which contains an elevated proportion of platelets as well as growth factors and stem cells. This stimulates the regeneration of the skin, so that small wrinkles disappear and the skin becomes visibly younger and fresher.
The method of “freezing away fat” was developed in the USA and brought to Germany as CoolSculpting by Zeltiq. I’ve been working successfully with it since 2013. It can selectively melt away accumulations of fat in various regions of the body without an operation.