Private lecturer Dr Fabian Fehlauer
A specialist in radiotherapy, Dr Fehlauer is a co-founder and medical superintendent of the Strahlenzentrum Hamburg (SZHH), which ranks among the most state-of-the-art medical care centres for radiotherapy, radiosurgery and diagnostics.
The fields of application of radiotherapy and radiooncology cover both benign and malignant diseases. In the case of malignant diseases, modern radiotherapy makes a significant contribution to the curing of tumours.

What advances have there been in radiotherapy?

Dr Fehlauer:

The CyberKnife for example, which is more or less a “radio scalpel”. This radiosurgery method is as effective as an operation. It can eliminate a tumour in one or several sessions. This takes place completely as an outpatient procedure without anaesthetic and has no relevant side effects. This means we can also treat prostate cancer in its early stages or metastases of various types of cancer, in particular of the head, the lung and the liver.