Real Matters of the Heart

During an interview with “Healthcare & Life”: Britta Goldmann, MD, Head of the Department of Cardiology at the Asklepios Klinik Harburg.

Healthcare & Life: Which pathologies do you treat?

Dr Britta Goldmann: I am Head of the 1st Medical Clinic at the Asklepios Klinik Harburg. This includes the Cardiology Clinic and the Medical Intensive Care ward. We treat all forms of acute and chronic heart disease. Specialisations are coronary heart disease (coronary artery disease) and structural heart diseases. In addition to general cardiology, we offer interventional procedures for the treatment of valvular heart disease, arrhythmia, coronary heart disease and cardiac insufficiency.

Are there any signs of severe heart disease?

“Severe heart disease” does not always present itself as pronounced or manifest symptoms. Someone with coronary heart disease, for example, may be symptom-free for a long time, although there is actually an indication for bypass surgery. Anatomical studies have shown that patients who die of sudden cardiac death often have heart disease that was not known until that time. On the other hand, there is a wealth of clinical indications and symptoms: chest pain under stress, dizziness, subjectively noticed cardiac arrhythmia, shortness of breath, as well as a drop in performance or unexplained debility may be indications of causal heart disease.