Dr. Catalá-Lehnen has been medical director of the centre for sports and regenerative medicine at Lans Medicum, Hamburg, since December 2014. At the centre specialists, osteopaths, physiotherapists and sports scientists concentrate on questions to do with movement and nutrition.


Do you often treat muscular problems?

Dr Catalá-Lehnen:

Muscular problems and injuries such as torn fibres or tendon irritation are a major issue in sports medicine. This is where my experience from professional football is a great advantage, because apart from the therapy we always carry out a comprehensive analysis of the cause of the problems to avoid injuries in the future. We do this taking into account the metabolism, the minerals and hormones in the patient’s blood and also by monitoring the stability of the spine, mechanical axis and feet. This is standard procedure at Lans Medicum, since especially in intensive professional or leisure sports this comprehensive approach is absolutely essential