Good fat makes you slim and smart

Create value! This is the motto of Dr. Anne Fleck, head of the internal medicine department.
Dr. Anne Fleck on …

… enjoyment and a healthy diet

Everything that you do consciously and mindfully is healthy and that is exactly why I associate enjoyment with it. I find that we talk too much about ‘what’ we consume and not about ‘how’ and ‘when’ we eat. In fact, the digestive process starts once we start chewing. I even practice how to chew properly with my patients. The rule of thumb is: chew 10 to 15 times per mouthful until there is a mush in your mouth. The aim should be to have an extreme dietary regime, but to find a healthy balance.


… low fat and carbohydrate-orientated and what has changed

The classic food pyramid which bans fats is outdated. If we want to strengthen our body from its smallest units – the cells, we must look at its structure: your wall is made up of fat. It therefore makes sense to supply your body with high-quality fats in healthy measures. I want to help you overcome your fear of fats, because good fat makes you slim and smart! Oils rich in healthy Omega-3 (such as linseed oil, wheat germ oil and hemp seed oil) should be organic, cold-pressed, in dark bottles protected from light, heat and oxygen.

She was born in Saarland and has studied in Leipzig, Italy and France. She first worked in Berlin as a specialist for internal medicine and rheumatology and whilst there, established a centre for preventive medicine and nutritional medicine. She completed her doctorate in 2009 and specialised in nutritional medicine and naturopathic treatment. A year later, she established herself in Hamburg as a doctor and headed a specialist centre for rheumatology, preventive medicine and nutritional medicine. Since July 2015, she has been at the LANS Medicum Hamburg. In her role as “health scout”, she tirelessly strives to implement the state-of-the-art research into nutritional recommendations. In the NDR television programme “Die Ernährungs-Docs” (the food-doctors), she demonstrates how to relieve serious illnesses using innovative nutrition. She is a sailing enthusiast and loves the sea and nature. She also cooks and paints and is passionate about drawing.

Photo: Ulrich Lindenthal-Lazhar