With empathy and experience regarding pregnancy

Together with her team, Dr. Anja Dawson has opened the Fertility Clinic Valentinshof practice in the heart of the Hanseatic city. Through an integrated approach, couples can be looked after together. Dr. Dawson and her team also have their own IVF laboratory as well as a surgical area with single rooms. The Fertility Clinic Valentinshof  is a private practice with an exceptional service concept.


Dr. Anja Dawson on …

… patients who visit her practice

They are often desperate and feel abandoned, because even after repeated visits to the gynaecologist and/or urologist, there is no indication of why they cannot get pregnant. We rectify the situation: that is why very young women who cannot become pregnant without assistance due to – frequently unrecognised – pre-existing conditions or imbalances visit us, or women who find it more and more urgent, and at the same time more, and more difficult to fulfil their desire to have children due to their age. Disorders of the male partner are also common.

… couples who want to have children?

Do not wait too long! If you do not get pregnant at the latest within one year, it makes sense to come for a consultation. Sometimes small things just need to be optimised, and maybe you want to have more children later, then there should also still be time. Our tip for men: even if you do not want children yet, it is worth checking the quality of your sperm before you are 35 years old. If there are already restrictions at that stage, it may be helpful to freeze the sperm.


After studying medicine in Hamburg and an internship abroad in Canada, Anja Dawson had firmly decided on the following career: a gynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine. After a licensure and a doctorate, she completed the specialist medical training at the Lübeck University Women’s Hospital and worked there as a senior physician in the delivery room, followed by stations at specialised practices with years of experience in the field of reproductive medicine. The 40-year-old is married and a mother of three children aged from one to nine years.