Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery, Palliative Irradiation and Diagnostics

Strahlenzentrum Hamburg (SZHH) — the Hamburg Radiation Centre — ranks among the top modern medical care centres for Radiotherapy, Radiosurgery and Diagnostics. Patients from all over Germany and abroad are successfully treated here in a hotel-like atmosphere on an interdisciplinary level by a renowned expert team, consisting of experienced doctors, graduate engineers, physicists and specialist medical staff.

Radiotherapy and Holistic Care Under One Roof

The Hamburg Radiation Centre - Team
Photos: PR Strahlenzentrum Hamburg MVZ

“Quality attributes of our practice are the combination of the most advanced technologies and procedures, smooth-running processes, a relaxed atmosphere and personal supervision,” private lecturer Dr Fabian Fehlauer, Medical Director of the Hamburg Radiation Centre emphasises.

The Spectrum Includes:

Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
Tomographic Radiation Therapy (volumetric-modulated arc therapy, VMAT)
Computed Tomography (CT) Image-Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
Nuclear Medicine
Computed Tomography

(Nuclear) Magnetic Resonance Tomography (3 Tesla MRI)
Furthermore, the CyberKnife has been at the experts’ disposal since 2011.

Interdisciplinary Competence

Strahlenzentrum Hamburg MVZ Langenhorner Chaussee 369 22419 Hamburg Tel.: 040 - 244 245 8-0
Strahlenzentrum Hamburg MVZ
Langenhorner Chaussee 369
22419 Hamburg
Tel.: 040 – 244 245 8-0

Teamwork is a top priority at SZHH. The interdisciplinary cooperation and rapid exchange of information and experience with the referring doctors is a matter of course, in order to be able to offer patients the best possible treatment. “We maintain close contact with medical research institutions and device manufacturers. In this way, we are always able to keep abreast of state-of-the-art science and technology.

Minimally Invasive Treatment with Stimulating X-ray Therapy

In addition to comprehensive cancer treatments, other different diseases and complaints are treated at SZHH. “We have achieved great success with the minimally invasive treatment of pain (X-stimulation Therapy), for example, for arthrosis, tendon irritation, cartilage inflammation and bursitis, tennis elbow and calcaneal spurs,” Prof. Dr M. Heinrich Seegenschmidt emphasises. “Many years of practical experience and sound scientific studies substantiate its long-lasting effectiveness, which is why this treatment is also recognised and covered by medical insurance.”
Since January 2014, the SZHH team has supported collaboration with the renowned Radiologist, Dr Thomas Graf von Rothenburg, who performs diagnostic radiology in Langenhorner Chaussee on an out-patient basis.
(Nuclear) magnetic resonance tomography, also called magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), is a diagnostic technique to visualise internal organs, soft tissues, tissue, articular cartilage, meniscus and the brain, using magnetic fields and radio waves — completely without X-rays — whereby the human anatomy can be depicted in a very accurate and differentiated manner. Even slight changes in the body, such as, for example, small inflammatory foci or tumours, can be detected in this way.

Working Together for Life

“Despite all this technology, the patient as a human being is always at the centre of our efforts,” maintain the two SZHH partners, Fehlauer and Seegenschmiedt. These partners set the highest standards in diagnostics and therapy, all according to their philosophy in keeping with the motto “Working Together for Life”.
“We attach great importance to the friendly care of our patients in a pleasant atmosphere and are gladly at our patients’ disposal at any time to discuss matters further!”

Fields of Treatment:

Pain Medicine

Back pain: Periradicular therapy (PRT) CT-guided injection
Joint pain: Radiosynoviorthesis (RSO) Nuclear Medical drug injection
Stimulating X-radiation (palliative irradiation, low-dose radiation) treatment of joints, tendons and bursae to prevent inflammation

Modern Radio-oncology/Radiotherapy (Elekta, Accuray)

Main areas of specialisation: breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, brain tumours, throat cancer, bone cancer, glandular cancer, colon cancer, liver cancer, palliative medicine, intensive and patient-centred discussions
Intensity-modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) with CT navigation (image-guided radiotherapy (IMRT) and high-precision rotation (VMAT) with respiratory regulation
Conventional, three-dimensional radiation techniques
Combined radio-chemotherapy in cooperation with Haemato-oncologists


Painless radiosurgery without restrictions in one-time application

Collaborative Therapies

Afterloading, brachytherapy (seed)
Intra-operative radiotherapy (IORT)

Radiation Treatment of Connective Tissue

Nodule formation on the hands with scarring and shortening of tendons (Dupuytren’s and Ledderhose’s contracture), as well as prevention of scar tissue growths (keloids)